Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Of course it is political! So What?

I don't have any inside information.  My perspective is shared by many.  I would like to add my voice to those who hope to see justice prevail and sanity return. 

Now that Donald Trump has finally been indicted there are choruses declaring it is unconstitutional and political.  Of course there is a political element to it, how could there not be?  But the accusers should look in the mirror.  Their protests are most certainly motivated by a desire not to offend Trump's base in their own political ambitions.

Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the 2024 election a year ahead of time.  Some feel that was to give him some protection for his legal problems.  

I am reminded that Al Capone was jailed not for his heinous gangster activities, but for income tax evasion.  Trump has been the most unethical president ever and has done immense and difficult to reverse harm of any president ever.  Other charges are proving difficult to stick.  Hush money is relatively petty compared to other charges, but arguably an election changer.  It would have taken a few more people to not stomach his un Christian behavior in spite of his claims to achieve Christian goals.

Trying to hush up knowledge of an affair (when his wife was pregnant) seemed necessary as his election prospects were dependent a lot on evangelical voters.  The legal details do matter, but it is obvious he was misleading voters.  

Originally Michael Cohen was sent to jail for his participation in the transaction.  Bill Barr, a Trump appointee squashed any further action.

Trump is an egotist playing games.  Delaying legal action has always been part of his strategy and has for the most part worked.  Michael Cohen had declared Trump would not run again, because he feared another loss which would be humiliating.  However he seems to have the idea if he is a running presidential candidate that gives him some protection.  Why?  Does that serve democracy or justice?

Trump has decided this case calls for fundraising and has been successful.  His supporters seem to think either he is innocent or his good deeds are more significant.  Some of his supporters believed a coup was justified.

There is the perception of a witch hunt.  Some of the other legal efforts are more substantial and by trivializing this case his supporters hope to prove the whole effort to take Trump down is just an unfair partisan effort.

All the networks are taking advantage to attract an audience.  Endless speculation, trivial details and constant repetition.  I am part of it.  Sorry.

People believe whatever Trump says.  Unbelievable.

When will the Trumpers realize what a fraud he was?  Admiring him as a showman sticking it to the man can only go so far.  Climate change made a subject of ridicule by many Republicans is turning out to be real and threatening.  Supporting Russians when they carry on unjustified brutality.  The pandemic was handled disgracefully.  The tax cuts and much deregulation served to increase inequality.  Maybe appreciating how Biden handles crises compared to the grand egotist is worth consideration.

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