Saturday, May 27, 2023

Still time

 Although science fiction is often depicted as unrealistic fantasies it sometimes is a vehicle to help us focus on reality.  Time is one of those "things" that we accept like the air.  It is there and so taken for granted that we don't realize how critical such things are.  We prioritize what we think is important which starts off with surviving and then moves to thriving. 

I would like to acknowledge the recommendation by Vijaykumar MK Nair for "Still Time" (2023), only the latest of many great suggestions.  The original Italian title could be interpreted as "it's about time."

One quote from the film attributed to the Dalai Lama "There are only two days in the year on which you can't do anything.  One is yesterday and the other is tomorrow."

We first encounter Dante on his 40th  birthday when he first encounters his future wife through a comic misunderstanding.  Within a short time he skips ahead to his next birthday.  Gradually we catch on the movie is just skipping his life except for his birthdays.  Everything that happened in between his birthdays is forgotten, buried in work, marital problems, a baby, and a new lover, his wife living with a trainer (the one with the Dali Lama quote) and a close friend with a life threatening disease.

Birthdays are a time of reflection. What happens between is his real life, but we are aware of life changing events.  There are a few hints that he is most focuses on his work and justifies it that it allows an acceptable standard of living shared with his wife and daughter.  But his "real" life is falling apart because of his priorities.  Can one change?  It takes some reflection which for many of us doesn't happen in time.  We all need to reflect on what we really want out of life and this film gives us a chance to reflect hopefully before it is too late.

It is always the cast and crew that make a film worth the effort.  Here are some of those responsible.

Alessandra Aronadio directed and wrote the script.  She has over 17 film credits and has won many national awards.  As a second assistant director she worked with Giuseppe Tornatore on "Malena" (2000).  see

Santi Pulvirenti composed the music.  He has 27 film credits.

Roberto Forza was the cinematographer.  He has 65 film credits.

Roberto Di Tanna was the editor.  He has 41 film credits.

Edoardo Leo played Dante the main protagonist.  He has 74 film credits including "To Rome with Love" (2012).. He also  has 12 writing credits and 9  directing credits. An award winner

Barbara Ronchi played Alice,  Dante's wife.  She has 31 film credits.

Mario Sgueglia played a close friend Valerio who undergoes a lot of physical changes.  He has 24 film credits.

Francesca Cavalin plays Francesca, Dante's secretary and later live in lover.  She has 28 credits.

Raz Degan played Omar, a lover for Alice and it was he who delivered the Dailai Lama quote.  He had served in the Israeli army.  After that he went on a traveling spree visiting 100 countries over two decades.  His first film was a cameo role in a Robert Altmann film in 1994.  He became popular in Italy through television commercials.  He had films in United States, Italy, France, India and Germany.  He has 17 film credits.  He also managed an art gallery in Italy.

Many of us need to re-learn to enjoy life.  We spend a lot of effort to make money to buy things including time to enjoy them, but we very often short change ourselves.  Using science fiction, this film reminds us there is more to life than work.  How I got lured back into science fiction and learned to appreciate it as a tool for better understanding.  How I changed my view of science fiction:  Available on Netflix in a dubbed or subtitled formats.

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