Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Sleeping Dog--a Geman series

Some complained that the plot of "Sleeping Dog" (2023) was confusing, but we like complex plots and it certainly was.  Conflicted characters add to the confusion.

Borrowed from an Israeli series "The Exchange Principle" (2016) which I hope I get to see as I admire their star Lior Ashkenazi.  Germany felt a guilty conscience and has developed a strong relationship with Israel including its cinema.  For a perspective on Israeli films including Lior Ashkenzai check: 2015/05/youll-find-arabic-and-hebrew.html

Flashbacks are important to the story.  We know the protagonist has become a homeless man and we don't know why.  A murderer he helped convict commits suicide in a prison that doesn't make sense.  As in real life nothing happens without a past.  There are plenty of twists.

Luka is a former partner who seems concerned about Mike, but seems to be very close to his wife.

Perhaps because of the Israeli connection in the original, some of the bad guys are Arabic speakers.  Homophobia is a bigger concern in the Arab culture.

An important element to the story is drugs among police.  We are led to believe it in big part due to the stress on the job.

 It is an engaging story requiring a professional cast and crew.  Here are some.

Stephan Lacant with 17 credits is one director while Francis Meletzky is the other director with 27 credits.

Christoph Darnstadt was the script writer with 31 film credits.

Oded Davidoff and Noah Stollman, Israeli writers were the originators of "The Exchange" () and were involved with all 6 episodes of "Sleeping dog,"

Max Remelt plays the main character Mike Atlas, the homeless former cop with mental health concerns.  He has 72 film credits including "The Matrix Resurection" (2021).

Peri Baumeister played the wife of Mike Atlas, a difficult role.  She has 34 film credits.

Luise von Finckh plays a young prosecutor who believes there may have been an injustice in one murder.  She started acting at age 10 playing on stage with "Les Miserables."  She has 31 credits including "Vienna Blood" (2019-2022).

Tara Corrigan plays the daughter who feels she must lose weight to get her father back (not true).  She has two film credits.

Carlo Ljubek played Luka Zaric, former partner to Mike Atlas who seems genuinely concerned Mike undergo therapy and is comforting his wife.  He got started on stage.  His 58 credits include "The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner" (2008)

Melika Foroutan, born in Iran plays the head of prosecution and is very hard nosed.  She has 66 film credits.

Melodie Wakivuamina plays Britney, a black lesbian cop who was Mike Atlas's replacement as a threesome police unit.  She was born in Switzerland with 14 film credits.

There are some twists as expected and the viewer has to be careful to focus on a couple of overlapping plots.  It is well done.

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