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Finding Ola First Series

"Finding Ola" is not my first Egyptian movie, but the most American I have seen.   My assumption is this depicts upper middle class.  It is not likely that very many Egyptians live in this manner, but be assured there is plenty of Egyptian content.   

It is a typical drama, comedy and romance.  Ola's two children, her mother, her ex mother in law, the widower and his daughter who spends much of her time in the Ola household, her ex husband, her two business partners  and her ex husband's new celebrity girlfriend leads to a delicate dilemma.  The viewer will be caught between interesting choices.  Ola herself is delightful.

At one point prompted by friends, Ola does express an interest in dating, but learns there are many pitfalls.   We follow her business challenges and her personal ups and downs.

This is very engaging film professionally done.  Key personnel include

Ghada Abdel Aai is the creator and a script writer.  He has 3 writing credits.

Hadi El Bagoury was the director.  He did commercials and music videos before getting into films.  He has worked on films in Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco.  He has 20 credits as a a director and 4 as producer including "Excuse my French" (2014).  Check

Maha Elwazir was the second script writer.  She got a Ph.D. in Film and Women Studies and is currently a film studies professor at Cairo University.  She participated as a writer for the Arabic adaptation of the American hit, "ER". She has 4 film credits including "Newton's Cradle" (2023).   Check

Khaled Al  Kammar handled the music.  He has 38 music credits including "Excuse my French" (2014)

Hind Sabry  plays Ola plus was an executive producer.  She is a lawyer. As a Tunisian actress she won the top award at the Venice Film Festival and and later accepted an offer to sit as a judge for the Festival.  She has 48 credits including "The Island" (2007, "Asmaa" (2011) and "Excuse My French" (2014).   She is world class.

Haney Abel plays Hashim, the husband.  He is founder and member of an Arab music band,   He has 39 acting credits 9 for composing and 3 from the music department including "Asmaa" (2011) and "Excuse My French" (2014).

Sawsan Badr played Sohier, Ola's mother and the brand face for a skin cream.  She has 120 film credits.

Nada Musa played Nisreen a close friend and business partner to Ola.  She has 28 film credits.

Available on Netflix, subtitled or dubbed.  A second season is being set up--you won't want to miss it.

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