Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Mum Show makes the drive to Hamilton worth while!

For 91 years Hamilton has put on a mum show in
the fall. Most flowers are long faded by this
time, but the chrysanthemum is at its best. My message is mainly aimed at those who appreciate flowering beauty. But those who think of Hamilton as a dirty industrial city should realize there is much more to like about Hamilton than they have been aware of.

I have visited the mum show probably 15 or so times over the years, at first just to amuse my two young children. Over the years I come to look forward to it as it is something uniquely beautiful. This year the theme is fire.

Everywhere you turn there is something wonderful to look at. The fire theme is expressed with images of fire, fire trucks from years past, including fire dogs.

Do not leave without going through the tropical green house.

This was one of my favorites which was a little off the beaten path.

These few photos don't really do justice to the beauty
on display. For a video perspective try this video from
the 2010 show.

The show is still on until this upcoming weekend. Get more
details at

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