Monday, April 30, 2012


Two doors away in a house we once saw on fire lives a neighbour we have known for a few years and gradually appreciating how interesting he is.  By the way he didn't learn about the fire until after he moved in.

We learned soon that he was a paramedic who commutes to Burlington. The paramedic part came in handy a few months back when my wife slipped and broke her wrist. At first she didn't think there was a problem, but a few hours later showed it to Glen who urged her get to emergency. He didn't stop there, but showed up himself to make sure we followed his advice. Then he explained a lot of details to prepare us what to expect.

Like us he has a pond in his back yard, but his is a little more elaborate. He gave us some water plants, but didn't realize that little fish were included. We had had fish a few years back, but gave up when raccoons decided to feast on them. These new fish were very tiny (and that might have saved them), but did grow to a visible size. We drained our shallow pond and ended up giving back the fish as Glen was more prepared for the cold winters.

He invited us over for some family gatherings with his mother (who is very sharp), his two sisters and a cousin with their spouses. Always an enjoyable time as Glen is also a good cook.  Speaking of cooking he once tried to duplicate a recipe from a restaurant meal he had enjoyed in Maine but felt he was missing something. For many of us we might have given up or try a Google search, but Glen made a phone call to Maine. Fennel turned out to be the missing ingredient.

One of his sisters invited us to a family gathering out in rural area where they also boarded dogs. She had met her husband Brian in Saudi Arabia where he was a former British police officer in charge of security for the Saudi Royal family and she was a nurse. We learned that the family had all lived in Montreal at one time and still retained some friends from there.

Glen has done volunteer work in both Haiti and Guatemala. His sister Joan sometimes joins him.  At his surprise birthday celebration I met some other volunteers, some of whom worked with him in Halton and another, a dermatologist.

Welcome to the club.

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