Monday, June 9, 2014

The importance of importance. How important are you?

Someone once criticized me because I was too busy, always trying to drum up business.  I was told that I must feel so important.  I don't see it that way--important people are asked for their advice, because it is respected as is their time.  Most of us are striving to become important so that at some point people will seek our advice (and to some degree pay for it). The truth is everyone has some importance, but all too often it is not recognized.

Real importance comes from the value you can give other people.  We all have potential and we all have talents and knowledge unknown to others.  Your opinion is sought by those who realize you are a consumer, maybe a voter.

Other people are important.  They have their own agenda and you should not assume you know what it might or should be.  If appropriate, ask. They might be grateful or they might be annoyed.  Proceed accordingly

You respect that importance, not by trying to sell them the hottest new item, (or convince them you are right about some issue) but by listening to their concerns and determining their needs and offering them the best package you have if it is appropriate.  You develop personal relationships by understanding and respecting the thinking and feelings of other people.

These are things I have learned as a salesman, a parent, an employee.   I have not mastered the art of helping other people nor do I expect to, but I will keep learning and trying.

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