Thursday, June 18, 2020

Memory Rescue--

One of my primary reasons for blogging is to remember.  Getting on in years my memory is not as reliable as it once was.  Dr Daniel Amen applies his psychiatric experience with his knowledge of brain scans to offer a comprehensive study of the many different factors that affect memory and what can be done to optimize it.  He had been involved with studies of concussion on NFL players.  Memory is what we are.  If you can't remember, you are lessened.

The brain is key and there are so many factors that effect it.  Dr. Amen maintains it is important to identify which elements are having an impact before a course of action can be determined.  He suggests many tests, but also you need to seek professional advice.

The book contains a lot of anatomy and physiology to help you understand better and trust the advice.  I was most interested in the advice.  Each identified factor has many different modes of attack.  Exercise is always recommended, but also food, medicines and therapies. 

There are more than one type of dementia, some of which are reversible.  Misdiagnosis can confuse the best way forward.  

Blood flow is one underlying theme. General fitness affects blood flow, but so do things are obesity, diabetes, head trauma and diseases. 

Harmful things include chemical added to livestock, sugar, alcohol, marijuana, etc.  He is careful to suggest you should avoid or at least limit harmful things.  On the other hand there are many tasty suggestions that not only help your brain health, but your enjoyment of life as well.

Your brain benefits from being used.  GPS can give you a false sense of memory security.  We live in a society that favors "user friendly" meaning a lot of thinking is done for you.  But exercising the brain is as important as exercising your body. Games, from board games to  online force your brain to exercise.  Learning languages, musical instruments and even dancing add to your brain's health.  One suggestion is to use your non dominant hand to do things.  Along the same line I have found that eating with chopsticks not only adds to my skill, but also slows me down.

Erectile dysfunction is not only a problem for sexual activity, but indicates a blood flow problem that is bad for your brain. and your heart.  This comes from references to the concept that what is good for your heart is good for your brain and vice versa.  He also added that was good for your heart or brain is also good for your sex life and vice versa.

Memory can be very fragile and for any that are concerned (that really should include everyone)  there is much of value in Memory Rescue.

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