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One thing that promotes equality is education.  That is if everyone gets quality education. that is still an ideal that many are struggling to achieve.  "Raatchasi" (2019) focuses on a group of people who have to fight against vested interests.  Partly it is a private school system but also partly it is complacency.  

The existing teacher staff has become lazy and allowed their knowledge and skills to atrophy.  The drop out rate is large with many quitting as soon as old enough.  The new headmistress, Geetha is determined to change that, but over the course of the film she encounters resistance.  She found an English teacher who couldn't speak English, a math teacher who didn't understand about computers, a history teacher who didn't understand purpose was to not repeat mistakes.  She felt arts and sports were important and motivating.

Recognizing money is a big part of the problem, one of her tools is to charge up fundraising.   The private school owner, Ramalingam, feels it is in his best interest to tamp down any government revenue going to their school system.  He senses Geetha is making progress and sends some goons to curtail her, but are surprised to learn she is a skilled fighter.  She is not only smart, but understanding and eventually gains the support of the staff and parents, but not before overcoming many obstacles.

Director was Sy Gowthamraj, written by Bharathi Thambi and produced by S.R. Prabhu and S.R. Prakashbabu who also produced  "Taanakkaran" (2022).  One comment when school budget challenged by the police budget was that education lessens the need for the police.   Check:

Music by Sean Roldan who did "Jai Bhim" (2021)--see below.  Also composed for "Mehandi Circus" (2019).

Cinematography by Gokul Benoy.

Editor Philomin Raj who also did "Jai Bhim"  Mehandi Circus" (2019) and "Mandela" (2021) .  Check

Joythika played the heaadmistress Geetha and won an award for the role.  Other films include "Thambi" (2019) and with her husband, Suriyv she produced one of the highest ever IMDB rated films "Jai Bhim"  Check

 Hareesh Peradi played Ramalingam, the private school owner, a not very likable character.  Hareesh has been in both the Malayalam and Tamil films industries.  His movies include "Pulimurugan" (2016), "Vikram Vedha" (2017), "Mersal" (2017) and "Thambi" (2019).

The world is better off the more education can be spread around.  Trump once commended the "poorly educated" for their support.

As usual I have bolded the first mention of films I have seen.

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