Monday, June 5, 2023

Doctor Cha

At the beginning I thought "Doctor Cha" (2023) would be a comedy,but in reality it should be classed as family drama.

At the beginning we meet Cha Jun-sook a married woman who actually has a medical degree, but has never practiced  We learn that she had been taking care of children and the household for twenty years.  A fluke emergency reveals that she is out of touch with medical practices, but rekindles an urge to practice.  Gradually we learn her husband is an important doctor and apparently loved another woman before marriage by again another flukey event got       pregnant and married  her.  As it turns out his first love returns with a daughter (his) and has a supervising job at the same hospital.  Seems like a lot, but it is only a setup for more complications which are not all funny.  

A good cast and crew made this easy to watch.


 Two directors were Dae-jin Kim and Kim Jung-Wook.

Based on a book by Yo Kura Kabe.

Uhm Junghwa plays Cha Jung-sook.  She has 29 film credits including "Our Blues" (2022), Check:

Kim Byeong-cheol plays Seo In-ho and has 22 film credits including "Squid Game" (2021).  He is caught in an awkward situation.  Circumstances force him to bypass his true love to marry a woman he impregnated and then he impregnated his first love and ironically as the story begins both women work in the same hospital.  He plays a bit of a goof sometimes, but is supposed to be pretty smart and with a guilty conscience.  Check

Kim Mi-kyung plays the mother of  Cha Jung-sook.  She has 71 film credits including  "It is Okay Not to Be Okay" (2020), another of my favorites and she was a big factor although only a supporting role and "Trolley" (2022-2023).  See  

Min Woo-Hyuk played a surgical specialist who became attracted to the older Cha Jung-sook.  He has been involved with the musica stage.

Myung Se-bin  played the first love.  She was a textile graduate and was spotted by a singer, Chin Seung-han in a department store.  He put her in a music video and for there she did some modeling and in turn was able to get into films.  

The plot is conventional, but with a few twists.  It is easy to get caught with the various inter relations.

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