Monday, October 9, 2023

Forgotten Love--a Polish gem

"Forgotten Love" is a heart warming story which might be a clue to how it ends, but the journey is very satisfying.  Available on Netflix with subtitles. 

 Dr. Wilczur is introduced as a very capable surgeon and loving father.  Quickly we learn his wife loves another and leaves him taking her daughter with her.  He is devastated and takes to alcohol.  The author uses a violent robbery as a tool.  Dr. Wilczur is left unconscious on the ground.  Shortly later his coat is found near a river and it is assumed he committed suicide.   

We then are shifted 15 years later and encounter a scruffy looking man who has spent time in jail, but is unable to remember his past.  The viewer assumes he is the missing Dr. Wilczar.  Not too long after he helps relieve pain from a man with a serious injury.  A woman, Zoska watches him and before too long forms a relationship with him.

We also meet a young woman, Marysia who recently lost her mother and is seeking a job to pay for education.  She makes a deal with a tavern owner offering a piano and to play for his customers while she also works as a waitress.  Before too long the clues have piled up and we assume she is the daughter of Dr. Wilczar.  Soon two wealthy young nobles are in the tavern and take a fancy to Marysia.  She rejects one who had bet he could form a relationship.  She is very distrusting of the nobility.  Well you can guess what happens, but is still very enjoyable to watch the actors to play out the script.  It is not a straight line to a happy ending, so you shouldn't be bored.

Michal Gazda is the director.  He has 11 film credits including a recent tv series "Hold Tight" (2022).

The writers, Mariusz Kuczewski (with 21 film credits) and Marcin Baczynski (with 21 film credits) adapted the novel by Tadeusz Dolega-Mostowicz who had been an actor and writer for films.  Tadeusz had died in action in 1939.

Pawel Lucewicz wrote the music.  He has over 40 film credits.

Tomasz Augustynek handled the cinematography with over 30 film credits.

Piotr Kmiecik was editor with 43 film credits including for "Hold Tight" (2022).

Ewa Brodzka was the casting director.  She has 43 film credits including "Schindler's List" (1993) and "The Pianist" (2022).

Leszek Lichota played Dr. Wilczar who early was a very confident doctor and later and uncertain man.  He has 61 film credits including "Hold Tight" (2022).

Maria Kowalska played Marysia.  She has 6 film credits.

Ignacy Liss played the noble lover.  He has 22 film credits.

Anna Szmanczyk played Zoska who formed a relationship with the amnesiac, Dr. Wilczar.  She has 36 film credits.

 This is the second Polish film that has impressed me this year.   Check

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