Monday, December 4, 2023

The Miracle

 Teaching is one of the most noble of professions and I could not resist checking out "The Miracle" (2015) as an example of what teachers can accomplish.  The teacher, Mahir in this film was not able to get a job in the city he lived in, but accepted a job in a very remote area.  He did not realize how remote until he reached the end of the bus line.   He ended up walking over two mountains and when he arrived was shocked to learn there was no actual school.  Some of the references say the area had Kurdish connections.

 There was no money for a school and a military takeover made prospects even worse.  Nonetheless through subterfuge and innovative thinking money was raised.  The teacher added one stipulation in that he wanted girls to be educated (this was a very chauvinistic community).  Later on he invites a severely handicapped man, Aziz apparently with learning disabilities to be part of his class room.  The miracle has to do with Aziz, but the teaching plays a crucial role. 

Based on a true story the cast and crew brought it to life.

Mahsun Kirmizgul was director, writer, producer, actor and wrote some of the music.  Music played an important role in his career starting as a wedding singer.  He attended the Istanbul University-Turkish Music conservatory and came out with a degree for singing.  Before and after his film career Mahsun was a very popular singer.  He also did film composing.  He has 19 film credits as a producer, 13 as an actor and 11 as a writer.

Soykut Turan was the cinematographer with 21 film credits.

Hamdi Deniz was the editor with 35 film credits.

Talat Bulut played Mahir, the teacher.  He has 36 films credits including "Bliss" (2007), one of the first Turkish movies I saw and also read the book

Mert Turok played the very difficult role of Aziz.  He has 15 film credits.

Erol Demiroz played Chief Davut and the faher of Aziz.  He has 24 film credits.

Seda Tosun played Mizgin who becomes involved with Aziz.  She has 10 film credits.

 Teachers play a big role in my movie selections.  Check  It is my belief if the world is to extricate itself from insanity it will need teachers and their educated students

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