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Heirs to the Land

If you watched "Cathedral of the Sea" you would find "Heirs to the Land" (2022) interesting as it carries on  the "fictional" history of Barcelona in the 14th  and early 15th century.  The Estanyol family is part of the action, but a new generation has arisen.

Both films are from novels by Ildefonso Falcones.  There are a few notable differences.  There are more references to Jews and Moors who are subjected to bigotry.  It seems to me there was more infidelity.  The hero Hugo switches his ambition fro ship building to wine making.  The plot depicts lots of class snobbery, deception, secrets, disappointing love affairs and action.  You will not be bored.

The history stops short of 1492 which was not only the year Christopher Columbus"discovered" North America for Spain, but was also the year that the Spanish monarchy was able to expel all the Jews and Muslims.  Both films portrayed many slaves, mostly European but some Africans.  Today slavery is mostly pictured as something with Southern American whites mistreating African blacks not realizing slavery has a long European history. 

This series attracted an appreciative audience.  Here are some of the people who make it so good.

Jordie Frades was the director and an executive producer.  He has 26 credits as a director, 9 as a producer and 6 as an assistant director including "Cathedral of the Sea" (2018).  See http://www.therealjohndavidson.com/2024/05/cathedral-of-sea.html

Ildefonso Falcones wrote the novel and worked on the script.  As a youngster he was a Spanish junior equestrian champion.  He quit shortly after as his father died.  He studied to be a lawyer and did set up a practice in Barcelona.  His first novel took 5 years, but future efforts were done quicker as he spent more time with his real passion of writing.  All his 5 novels were historical fiction.  He has two film credits for writing including "Cathedral of the Sea" (2018).

Rodolf Sirera was a key writer.  He had been involved with theatre for over 40 years including as a playwright, translator and theatre manager.  He is considered a leading Catalan writer.  He has 26 film writing credits including "Cathedral of the Sea" (2018). 

Federico Jusid composed the music.  Born in Argentina his musical career took him all over South and North America and Europe.  He wrote and performed as a pianist for the concert stage.  He has 133 composing and 47 music department credits.  His films include  "The Secret in Their Eyes" (2009), "7 Anos" (2016), "Neruda" (2016), "Twelve Year Night" (2018), "Cathedral of the Sea"  2018) and "Rest in Peace" (2024).  Check  http://www.therealjohndavidson.com/2016/11/7-anos.html  Unnoticed by me at the time that film also represents Federico's one producing credit and it is one film I have used a story from on several occasions.

Teo Delgado was the cinematographer.  He has 90 cinematography credits and 40 credits for camera and electrical department and 5 as an actor including "Cathedral of the Sea" (2018).

 Frank Gutierrez was the editor.  He has 8 editor credits, 2 editorial department credits and 2 as a producer.

Aitor Luna played the lead character, Arnau from "Cathedral of the Sea" (2018), but here he is killed off in the first episode.  He has 30 acting credits.   

Michelle Jenner plays Mar who was adopted by Arnau in "Cathedral of the Sea.  In this film she lasts two episodes and passes onto the next generations.   In her early days she dubbed foreign films representing kids.  She has 59 acting credits including "Julietta" (2016) and "Money Heist:  Berlin" (2023).

Yon Gonzalez played thee male lead, Hugo Llor.   He is the brother to another cast member Aito Luna, although  they never appeared in the same episode.  He has 23 acting credits.

Elena Rivera played Caterina who went from a Russian slave to one of the leading ladies.  She has 18 acting credits.

Maria Rodriguex Soto played Regina, another leading lady.  She has 26 acting credits and 1 for writing including "100 Metros" (2016).  See http://www.therealjohndavidson.com/2020/10/100-metres.html  

Jesus Carroza played Guerao, a close friend to Hugo.   He has 26 acting credits including "Cell 211" (2009) and "Adu" (2020).

 Rodolfo Sancho played Barnat Estanyol, a descendant of the original lead in "Cathedral of the Sea" (2018).  His godfather Adolfo Suarez had been the Spanish Prime Minister from 1976 to 1981.  Rodolfo has 57 acting credits. 

Available on Netflix subtitled.  A good watch.  

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