Thursday, February 23, 2012


We all have ideas, ambitions and maybe start on the road, but for most of us, most of our efforts go only a short distance before we get diverted or stopped by some obstacle. Some would say that reality stepped in. Does that sound familiar?

Gene C Hayden like a lot of us wondered why some people are successful at what they set out to do and that most of us are not. Obviously talent and luck play a role, but she determined that the key factor was following through. There are always obstacles and alternatives to any goal, but if a goal is important to you, a way can be found.

Motivating yourself to get around obstacles is common advice these days. Gene uses a less common perspective--your uniqueness. Others might be more talented, or in a more fortunate position, but you are unique and give any effort something no one else can. Your goal might be achieved by someone else, but it won't be quite the same.

The book consists mostly of chapters that advise how to overcome various specific obstacles. Different readers will identify with different difficulties. Boredom, lack of passion, lack of energy, no support, no money, not enough time. Do these excuses sound familiar? They can all be overcome if the goal is meaningful enough.

Things that interest you are better for you. Circumstances might favor choices that don't excite you. You may trade things like money for a slice of what you really want or squeeze time from one activity to another more satisfying. Few of us get to do what we really want most of the time, the ones who do really are successful.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the immensity of the goal, but really every goal is at the end of a series of micro-steps. One quote used by the author that I like comes from sculptor August Rodin who said "Patience is also a form of action." Too many of us give up because things are taking longer than we want.

The regrets of most people are not what they did, but what they didn't do. They didn't follow through with something they wanted to do. Looking back, the obstacles seem in many cases to be petty or at least surmountable. I agree with Gene, following through with your ideas is key to success and happiness.

If you would like to follow through and learn more of Gene C Hayden's thoughts try her website

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