Thursday, December 31, 2015


I hesitate to get involved with resolutions again.  You were supposed to help keep me on track and I certainly could have used a push.  However, really it is my fault that I have more lame excuses than accomplishments.  At this natural time of reflection it is an opportunity to re-direct myself.

Here are my resolutions from last year.

I feel exercising was my poorest result.  I did run into both physical and mechanical problems and really didn't come close.  More importantly I didn't walk as much, although I have made short noon hour walks almost a habit (thanks for the suggestion, Greg).

Mindfulness is not easily measured, thank goodness, because I definitely slipped in this regard.

Nicer?  That is decided by others, but I would say not really--maybe even slipped a bit.

I didn't read as much as usual (about 2/3 of goal), perhaps because I did over achieve in watching movies.  I think I got more out of the movies than previously, but still it is mostly passive.

Blogging, superficially can be measured, but I am convinced that a lot of my so called page views are really robots and doubt that very many were read all the way through.  I did get significantly more views, but am very sure a good measure of them were  not legitimate.  On the positive side I did almost reach my goal of 2 a week.

My New Zealand repeat visit is still a dream, but am thinking about it more.  My goal is now within 24 months and includes Heather.  The photo at the top is to help remind me.

I will continue to work on sit-ups and pushups.  The elliptical will be replaced with a stationary bike which I will measure by time.

Blogging is still enjoyable and gives some senseof purpose.  Goal is to have 3 views per hour. bringing me up to 106,500.

Goal of 20,000 pages read and 225 movies.

Spend more focused time selling and preparing to sell.

Mindfulness needs to be developed.  Eating, walking.  Diet to be logical and aided by mindfulness.

Simple, but if it was easy I wouldn't need to remind myself.

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