Saturday, February 19, 2022

My Holo Love mixes science fiction and romance

"My Holo Love"(2020) uses science fiction as a tool for a different kind of romantic dramedy.  We are all familiar with love triangles, unrequited love and of course happy endings despite misunderstandings and obstacles.   The scope is a little different, but a lot of familiar relationships are part of the makeup.

 Science fiction lets loose our imagination.  The concept of holograms is still fairly new and opens up new doors for story telling.  Human nature is pretty stable, although the rules we live by are changing.  When you allow your mature snobbery to overcome juvenile obsessions it opens up possibilities.  For me I feel I have to some extent been liberated:

Decades ago read a book suggesting holograms would be the main way of communicating and relating to other humans.   The underlying motivation was germophobia.  There have always been in modern times fear of being contaminated, but pandemics and pollution has increased the trend.    In this series holograms are seen as very sophisticated servants, but also gain an unexpected personal context.  In reality as life has existed many of us have felt our relationships have been inadequate, even fearful.

 We are introduced to the main hologram through a scientific investment presentation.  At first we do not realize whar we are watching, but then special effects are used and we lose all doubt.  Having a monopoly or at least a head start a hologram with artificial intelligence appeals to both greed and fear.  Rivals want to learn the secret.  A young woman, apparently unconnected is drawn into the intrigues.  We learn she has a visual handicap that has affected her social skills.  The Holo as she calls him helps her "magically" solve a technical problem.  Being invisible to the general public allows Holo to give timely advice and even manipulate the electronic grid.  

We become aware of more characters and gradually their background that inter connect.  The technology seems to some of us far fetched, but in fact there are intelligent people working towards an amazing future.  I remember watching "Eye in the Sky" (2015) with Helen Mirren and some amazing drones.  It was explained later that the drones were considered science fiction when they started filming, but before too long they were reality.

There is also romance and suspense.  You can look to the future or concentrate on the many plot twists.  The science fiction (?) is a useful tool to enjoy and to understand human nature.

The smooth sailing is due to the cast and crew.

The listed director is Go Sung Hee, but really no further information.

Hyun-min Yoon played both Holo and Holo's creator.  Hard nosed at the beginning, but mellowing by what the Holo had learned of human emotions.

Ko Sung-see played the leading female.

Yeo-jin Choi played sister to Holo's creator.

Lee-Yoo -mi had appeared in "Squid Game" (2021) 

Lee Jeong-eun, a veteran actress played the mother of the female protagonist.  She has been in "Mother" (2009), "The Attorney" (2013), "The Wailing" (2016), "Okja" (2017), "Parasite" (2019) and "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" (2021).

If you like romance, comedy, drama and can tolerate science fiction you will probably enjoy this series.  I recommend the subtitled version over the dubbed.  I find with dubbed films there is a little cognitive dissonance, meaning it adds to the strangeness to the viewer. 

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