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Murals Liven up Hamilton


Living in a city can be very drab with many concrete buildings.  Fortunately there are people who spice up things.  Living in Hamilton it is been pleasant to come across murals.  Below is a mishmash of murals that caught my attention.  If you can supply more details of artists, location or sponsors the information would you please let me know.

During Concrete Canvaas 2022 Scott McDonald offered a challenge to anyone interested in helping to create new art.  On the side of a parking lot on York Blvd. near James St. N he put up an outline and invited anyone to help complete the art.  Follow through to the end to see the final result.









 This past June I joined a mural walk and Lester Coloma was on hand to explain some of his work





 The tour guide David sent out request for proposals and Lester Coloma won the contract. Located at 1 West St.


The other side of the building--a continuation  with the Hammer represents Hamilton.  Did actual painting in 3 days.

Tree of life  by Lester Coloma, a block away at orner of Wellington and King St.





 Back side--included signs painted on wall   on right side he included plants that normally would actually be at that location




 Also part of tour was this section by Lester Coloma on King St. across from Ferguson St. where a train station was once located.


 The two artists for an African culture mural on King St.  In the sunglasses are significant dates.   One date has to do with first slaves to North America.  Another set of dates has to do with the Underground Railway that helped escaped slaves find freedom in Canada.  Another set of dates is when the Canadian government made restrictive laws against minority immigrants.

This mural was done for a Walt Disneyshort movie.  It is located between King St. E and Main St. E. The artists included Marty Lake, Ryan Jones, Ryan Fedoroczenko and Gleb Naugin.

Our tour guide, Liz  showed us a mural done by a friend.

Well known restaurant, the Black Forest on King St. E. and Ferguson done by Tim Nyehuis/Nine House Prouctions

By Corey Tower of Caro Restaurant

Frankie Venom     by scottanddestroy    Scott McDonald  






An early Lester Coloma painting on James North.  Has since disappeared.








Drawn for the 2014 Supercrawl and intended only to be temporary, but is still there (Cannon and James N.) as of 2022.   Lester Colomo.









 By Mellisa General on James St. N. just north of Wilson.  Presented Supercrawl 2021


Another wrap around mural from Lester Coloma, this time for a dental office in Corktown.


Barton Street had its share of interesting murals.

At Main and Gage.  Tim Nyehuis/Nine House Production

Barton St. E. Tim Nyehuis/Nine House Production summer 2016

At Barton and Lottridge

Barton St. E., Tim Nyehuis/Nine House Production June/17

On the side of what used to be The Butcher and the Vegan on the corner of Barton St. E. and John St. N.  By Lester Coloma.


Travel Consultant on Dundurn S. by Tim Nyehuis/Nine house production

Locke St. S. side wall of West Town Bar & Grill Tim Nyehuis/Nine House Productions

Cannon St. between James N. & Hughson N. on sidewall of Burnt Tongue

on Cannon St. E. and Greenaway dated 2022  

  By Kyle Joedicke, an indigenous artist on Barton St. W.

Kyle Joedicke at Powell Park 53 Birch St.

At Powell Park 53 Birch St. behind basketball net

This one is no longer there and replaced by some commercial painting.  By Juliana LaChance.  Was at James St. N. and Murray St. E.

Another by Julia LaChance that has been there a long time.  On Cannon E and Ashley.


Barton St. E. Lacrosse theme

At Barton St. E and Cheever

Sponsored by the Grasshopper restaurant and Friscolanti's Funeral Home

Mural by Conrad Furey on Barton St. W on side of John Howard Society

Conrad Furey at Central Library

Conrad Furey at Hamilton Farmer's Market

On Bartton St W. Scott McDonald

Wilson St E.. near West Robyn Lightwalker and Natasha Rose

Only a few blocks away from where I live.  Robert and Mary St.  Artists putting on finishing touches.

Cake and Loaf,a favorite bakery.  By Lester Coloma

At Beasley.  By Bryce Huffman.

Hess Village

Also at Hess Village

Rear view at Hess Village.

Historic train wreck at Ferguson and Kng St.

Lester Coloma at work    
Nikolai Tesla.

Lester Coloma on mural on Chatham St. on wall of Soper's

Finished product.

Famous Hamilton Ti-cat, Angelo Mosca downtown.  Scott McDonald,

Downtown  John St. S.

Dundurn St. N. near King St.W.  Toucan

Ottawa Street.

Thanks to the front line workers during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Sherman S. and Main St.

Outside the Passport office in Jackson Square by Lester Coloma.

The Fox and the Fiddle on John Street South.

 John St. N.

Pete Fowler was a British musician invited to perform for the 2016 Supercrawl in Hamilton.  While here he did a mural on the wall behind his performing site.

During Concrete Canvass 2022 this replaced the one by Pete Fowler above. On the side of Dr. Disc.   Done by @Peru143.

On the side of what used to be a famous strip club, Hanrahan's.

Barton St. E.

Scott McDonald working on the winning choice.

The finished product.

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