Tuesday, October 11, 2022

January 6th hearings

There have been and are many investigations regarding Donald Trump, but  the House Committee is the one that has been televised and publicized the most.  Legal technicalities (and political interference?) have tied up progress.  The people have been given an opportunity to learn about his crimes. 

At the moment one last hearing is scheduled.  The hurricanes Fiona and Ian were too big a distraction.  Hopefully there will be no delays as the midterms are less than 4 weeks away.  Although apparently the hearings were having a minimal effect on voters they were watched by many swing and independent voters.

 The Trumpers may not have a rational response to the overwhelming evidence that Trump is an egotistical con man who would go to enormous efforts to retain power, but they have a different set of motives.  They feel it is too bad Trump is being dragged through courts.  They most likely realize he had done a few illegal things, but they don't matter.  He has tried to give them what they really want.  In some cases that is racist or Biblical and in other cases it is tax cuts and de-regulations.  For a few an outspoken celebrity draws more attention than regular politicians.

But actually he has pulled a fast one on them as well as non Trumpers.  Inequality has increased, consumer protections have decreased.  Division which hurts everyone has increased.  International co-operation took a shellacking.  Regulations intended to protect consumers/voters have been cut while up to the cabinet minister level appointments have been made to many wanting to undermine or ignore regulations.   To be better understand how racists hurt themselves check:  http://www.therealjohndavidson.com/2019/06/dying-of-whiteness.html

 For some an indictment or even just a legal barrier to running would be a reason "to take off the gloves."  How do we avoid a civil war?  It may have lots of violence or more likely isolated violence and endless legal wrangling.  And for sure lots of disinformation.

Some Americans think their economic difficulties are unique and the fault of the Democrats' government.  The rest of the world is also confronted with economic problems with a lot of the same causes.  The Covid Pandemic is the underlying cause of supply chain problems which caused governments everywhere to give out cash which mostly had to be borrowed.  Inequality is rising in most western nations and is exacerbated by corporate gouging.  Climate change is squeezing everyone, resulting in food shortages.  On top of that Vladimir Putin has had his ego challenged.  Trump was involved with all of it.

The evidence is compelling, but too many are afraid of Trump and others too blindly loyal.  Some calm voices are required from the Republicans and certainly the media.  The midterms could complicate affairs if more deniers gain power.

The hearings themselves have been handled well.   The incriminating evidence has come from Republicans giving them more credibility.  It seems one hearing spurs more evidence and allows some insiders the courage to testify.  Timing is everything.  October surprises are the goal of the underdog and in fact do make an impact.  If the Democrats lose control of the House the hearings will be cut off and probably replaced by some trumped up political hearings.  

A last minute hearing could backfire and take from other efforts.  The voters are upset over inflation and crime, issues that do have a Democrat side to them that could be shouted louder.  It is hard to guess what game changing evidence is available, but some voters are undecided and it could make a difference.  They need to get more information out to the public.

When a voter feels a candidate has good character they are inclined to feel their policies are well meant.  One wonders how voters could support power hungry liars.  Whose best interests are being fought for?

It is not a good idea to predict the future, but events of the next four weeks can have a very long lasting effect for the entire world.

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