Sunday, November 5, 2023

Can we stop the cycle of violence?

 Most would agree that there is a lot of unfairness in the world.  Many would agree that there must be a better way of dealing with it.  A few might agree that revenge in the long run hurts us all.  

A lot of us are focused on the Mideast and its endless cycle of violence.  The rest of the world has been sucked in through immigration and religion. 

Thousands of years ago the Jews under Moses found and settled the promised land.  Some centuries later the Romans dispersed the Jews.  There were other people still living there.  Muslims conquered The Arabian Peninsula, much of northern Africa and southern Europe.  Some centuries later the Muslims were forced out of southern Europe.  More recently the colonial powers fought among themselves.  One deal made was that some Arabs helped the British defeat the Turks with an understanding on freedom and land.  Other promises were made.  The Jews were severely discriminated against as were Muslims in some quarters.  During World War II Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews.  Many of the survivors wanted a new home and there were immigration restrictions in most of the world.  

The United Nations set up homelands for the Jews and the Arabs and declared Jerusalem an international city.  

Hatred is spread around the world as we take sides.  Best not to take sides, but demand a closer look at the roots.  Aside from political military history we need to examine human nature.

Pleased to hear Joe Biden attempt to balance the conflict--acknowledging past U.S. mistakes --criticize settlers abuse of Palestinians, loss of two state momentum.

With a major war in Ukraine it seems the Russians are cheering on the conflict in Palestine.  Are we going to let them?

Dir Spiegel has an excellent analysis that takes the whole world to account:

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