Thursday, November 2, 2023

Movie Odds and Ends

 My blog choices are sometimes random.  Movies affect me by their quality, by their subject and sometimes by a personal connection.  A lot of good and interesting films slip through the crack.

In a one week period I watched a few that I wold like to say a few words about

I don't spend a lot of time on animated films, perhaps they are too easily associated with children.  Children are important.  Fairy tales and Walt Disney were things I grew up with.  "Shrek" (2001) is amusing and well put together.  Some would not even notice that it mocks fairy tale conventions.  One was of the sleeping princess patiently waiting for Prince Charming to kiss her.   Instead she is confronted with an ogre, Shrek in a mask.  He does try to protect her, not so much to kiss her.  Over time she comes to appreciate him and realizes that Prince Charming is not so charming.  In the meantime we learn that her beauty is lost in the evening, so she endeavors to hide this fact from him and of course there is a misunderstanding that all romances require.  Many other cliches were amusingly dealt with.I  I think many youngsters would enjoy it and as they age would increasingly understand more of the satire.  In short,  entertaining even for adults and with a point.

 My Father's Violin" (2022) comes from Turkey and mixes  traditional street Turkish music and classical as two brothers indulged in one or the other.  Of course there was a misunderstanding going back to their unhappy childhoods that set them on separate paths.  The older brother never got out of a poverty rut, but made street music to make a living, involving his young daughter.  He dies and the other brother who is an arrogant violin master disdains his orphan niece.  The daughter is supported by three musician friends of her father, but they admit their finances are not sufficient to ensure her future.  The younger brother agrees that he will take temporary custody and then hand over his niece to them.  It doesn't quite work that way.  First his wife becomes attached to the young girl and eventually the brother does as well.  There certainly are complications and misunderstandings. Critics were not too kind, but you can anticipate a warm happy ending with some enjoyable music along the way and the young girl is delightful.

"Kantara" (2023) I read about when researching "Kaala Paani" (2023).  It also dealt with an indigenous tribe in India, but was originally filmed in the Kannada language.  On Netflix I saw a Hindi version which could be dubbed in English and later on Prime the original version was available with English subtitles.  In many ways it was a vehicle for action.  An indigenous group makes an agreement with the town citizens and will protect their environment.  As we move up to more modern times the citizens wish to revoke the agreement, but the hero springs into action.  Richab Shetty is the director and leading character.  Very popular and adopted for several languages.

"The Burial" (2023) was an American movie which I seldom do blogs on, but felt it was interesting.  Starring Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones.  Dealing with the funeral business which like many others has been targeted for corporate takeovers.  Based on a true story about how a (Canadian) conglomerate took advantage of financial difficulties of a Mississippi business owner.  The funeral owner is put in touch with a personal injury lawyer who has never lost and always goes for big dollars.  Still the corporate team that specializes in contract law is very well prepared.  Based on a true story.  Interesting black history for example we saw what seemed an empty field, but learned it was a black cemetery when headstones were not considered for slaves.


"The Last Word" was a German series about a woman who after her husband's death decided she wanted to be an eulogist.  We run into a few episodes with strange requests and the eulogist has an interesting approach.  On one episode she encourages the daughter of a deceased mother to express her outrage at the way her father had treated her, although very highly regarded.  There are a few relational problems and to add a different perspective her ghost of a husband reveals something of himself. 

Movies offer a view of the world.  These selections were all different from one another, but they all had conflicts and relationships

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