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To Kill a Tiger

"To Kill a Tiger" (2022) has won various festival awards and was nominated for an Oscar.  As a documentary it draws less attention, but  is very thought provoking.

At a small village in Jharkhand, India we quickly learn a 13 year old girl has been raped by 3 young identified men.  Her father wants the perpetrators to be punished, but runs into opposition.  A local leader suggested she marry one of the 3 rapists in protect the honor of the village. Further discussions reveal that both men and women in the village insisted she marry one of the rapists.  Fortunately a gender rights group decide to take up the case.  The 13 year old victim decides this behavior needs to be stopped and is willing to testify.  There is a long time consuming process before punishment is imposed.

Her father receives many threats during the process including to have his house burned down. 

Consequences should help deter future examples.  Marrying the victim carries the notion that it is okay.

In such an atmosphere trust is key.   As in much of the world most rapes are not reported.  The young girl does face ostracism, but remained determined to get justice.  Nisha Pahuja also had to earn trust as this intimate film reveals.

 In the west we may feel superior to a "backward" part of the world, but we also have problem dealing with sexual assault and harassment.  We may feel we have made progress, but the underlying thoughts are still part of the problem. The idea that the woman bears more responsibility by her choice of clothing and of behavior somehow obviates male responsibility.

The title comes from a local saying that it takes more than a single man to kill a tiger.   

Nisha Pahuja is director, writer, and producer.  Born in India, raised in Canada.  She studied English Literature at the University of Toronto.  After a meeting with Geeta Sondhi she was hired to do research for a documentary aired by the CBC.  From there her interest in documentaries led to making films.  She has 5 credits for each of directing, writing and producing.

Priyanka Chopra  Jonas stepped in to be an executive producer.  She has 80 credits as an actor, 16 as producer and 4 for music department including "Don" (2006), "Dostana"(2008), "Ra.One" (2011), "Barfi" (2012), "Mary Kom" (2014), "Dil Dhadakne Do" (2015), "The White Tiger" (2021)  and "Love Again" (2023) She produced and starred in my top film for 2019, "The Sky is Pink" (2019).

 Jonathan Goldsmith, wrote the music.  He has 103 credits for composing and 15 for music department including "Away From Her" (2006). 

Mrinal Desai did the cinematography.  He has 31 credits as a cinematographer and 6 under camera and electrical department including Oscar winner, "Slumdog Millionaire" (2008), "Court" (2014) and 4 episodes of "Frontline" (2011-2023). 

Editing was shared by David Kazaia and Mike Munn.  David has 28 editing credits while Mike has 55 credits including "Owning Mahowny" (2003).

 Available on Netflix either subtitled or dubbed.

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