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Indonesia is a large country that has been modernizing for awhile.  It is progressing with films.  "Andragogy" is a thoughtful story with some insights into social media.

The English title andragogy is like pedagogy.  They are both about teaching.  Pedagogy focuses on children while andragogy is concerned with adults.  Prani the main character is a school counselor up for a promotion.

Soon we see Prani arguing with a customer who Prani felt stepped out of line.  The argument became heated.  A few hours later it was learned the argument had been videotaped and put online.  What seemed noted at first was that Prani was heard to use a curse word. 

She felt under attack, but soon her students and fellow teachers came to her support.  She had been afraid the controversy might jeopardize her anticipated  (and needed) promotion.

One of her strongest supporters was a former student, Gora who recalled he had been troubled and gotten into many fights.  She strangely advised him to dig graves.  He did and felt it had been very helpful.  Some suggested that that had been a cruel idea.  Then to compound that criticism Gora went to see a therapist with everyone assuming he was not credible.

The principle still wanted Prani to be promoted to vice principle, but wanted her to push Gora to clarify his therapy.  She talked with him and felt assured Gora had other reasons for therapy.  She decided that "some things are not meant to be shared" which to me is one of the main messages of the film.  Mulkas, her son gives healing advice on social media she ignored, until she wanted to help Gora.  Pani was well supported despite outsider criticisms.

The film was made during the Covid pandemic and many of the characters are seen wearing masks something I didn't notice much in western films.  In a small way that may illustrate the power of film.

Indonesia is developing some experts.  Here are a few who made this film.

Wregas Bhanutej was director and writer.  He had success with short films, becoming the first Indonesian to win at the Cannes Festival.  He has 9 credits as a director, 6 as a writer and 3 as a producer including "Photocopier" (2021). 

 Yennu Ariendra provided the music.  He has 5 composing and 2 music department credits including "Photocopier" (2021).

Gunnar Nimpuno was the cinematographer.  He has 23 credits including "Photocopier" (2021).

Ahmed Hasan Yuniardi did the editing.  He has 10 credits also including "Photocopier" (2021).

 Sha Ine Febriyanti played Prani.  She started as a model before shifting to acting.  She has 12 acting credits including "Cigarette Girl" (2023).  Check

Angga Yunanda played Muklas, son to Prani.  He started as  model.  He has14 film credits.

Prilly Latuconsina played Tita, Prani's daughter.  She has a well established singing career.  She has 28 acting credits and 6 composing.

Dwi Sasono played Prani's husband.  He has 65 film credits including "Kartini Princess of Java" (2017).  Check

Omar N. Esteghlal played Gora, a former student who felt her advice to work digging graves was good.  He has 20 acting credits.

Available on Netflix with subtitles.

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