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Anweshippin Kandethum

"Anweshippin Kandethum" (2024) is basically a cop movie with the slant of a cop who had been unfairly suspended and how he redeemed himself.   There are two murder investigations each seemed at a dead end until Sub Inspector Anand persisted to finding a critical clue.  In both cases he runs up against communal resistance and adopts a round about way of cornering the actual murderer.

 In the first case after unraveling a lot of obstacles to identify the murderer, the culprit under his custody escapes and is killed by running into a moving train.  His superior and three other police men are suspended.  A few years later his talent was recognized and he and the other three were assigned an almost forgotten case.  Again communal resistance and apparently all evidence discarded or dismissed.  Patience and attention to detail and another misleading round about interview are applied.  There is a small amount of action, but some impatient viewers will be tested.  For others it is very satisfying how the crimes are uncovered. 

Malaylam films have been perhaps the biggest surprise for me investigating what Netflix especially has to offer.  They have built up a library of work that have culminated in a number of masterpieces.  Here are a few of the contributors for

Darwin Kuriakose is director and producer for his first feature.  He and his twin brother Dolwin founded Theatre of Dreams production company and under Dowin had produced an earlier feature.  Darwin had worked under director Jinu Abraham.  Before 2021 Jinu started working on script for "Anweshippin Kandethum" and shared with Darwin who was able to make a few suggestions.  The Covid Pandemic blocked most of their efforts.  Dolwin is listed as another producer.

Jinu Abraham is the writer and producer.  He has 5 credits as a writer , 1 as director and 1 as producer.  In preparing for this script he researched police investigations and to ensure keeping to intentions brought in a senior police officer take a small role.

Santhosh Narayanan composed the music.  He graduated with a degree in BE Computer Science & Engineerng.  He became a recording engineer and once worked on soundtrack of A.R. Rahman.  He has 57 composing credits, 22 for music departmen (mostly as playback singer) and 3 as an actor.  One of his credits was for "Penguin" (2020).

Gautam Sankar is the cinematograher.  He has 8 film credits including"Theeram" (2017)

Saiju Sreedharan is the editor.  He has 14 editing credits plus 9 for the editing department including "Virus" (2019), "Kambalongi Nights" (2019) and "Joji" (2021).  He gets involved with sound design.  He is booked for 2 films as a director.

Tovino Thomas played Sub Inspector Anand.  He was a software engineer.  He has 48 credits as an actor, 4 as a producer and 1 as director assistant.   His credits include my second top movie for 2019 "Uyare" (2019), and"Virus" (2019), "Forensic" (2020), "Kilometers & Kilometers" (2020), "Kurup" (2021) "Minnal Murali" (2021) and "Vaashi" (2022).  Check

Siddique played a fellow police officer.  He received a diploma in electrical engineering and subsequenty worked in Kerala and Saudi Arabia.  He has 412 acting credits  and 2 as producer.  His films include "Ustad Hotel" (2012), "Drishyam" (2013), "Pulimurugan" (2016), "Parava" (2017), "CIA:  Comrade in America" (2017)"Uyare" (2019), "Drishyam 2" (2021), "Night Drive" (2022) and "Kasargold" (2022). "Virus" (2019) 

Indrans  played a former police officer who helped with he second case.  Indrans started his film career as a costume designer with 14 credits.   He has 453 acting credits including "Aalorukkam" (2018), "Virus" (2019), "#Home" (2021), "Padavettu" (2022) and "Patthu Janwar" (2022).  Although he mostly played supporting roles he was the leading character in my top film for 2022:

Available on Netflix with subtitles.  This was a very satisfying movie carrying on high standards I expect with Malayalam cinema.   Check:  

As is my habit I have bolded the first mention of films I have seen.

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