Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just had ten days off work with an opportunity to reflect on the past year and think how I might do better or be happier the next year. I did ponder a little, but actually feel more empowered now that we are a few days into 2012.

Resolutions should not be too complicated, but another key thing is that the more people know your enthusiastic good intentions the more likely you are to follow through.

I am over weight, poorly fit, and sleep poorly (from stress and too many other priorities). To get a handle on all that my intention is to get more exercise. Being too time and money stressed I have thought of only 3 ways--take one morning off (I work 2-3 evenings each week) and walk to the library and back (that is about 2 kilometres in total and there are extensions and alternatives plus I normally walk that route twice on weekends). Second when watching the news or DVD's get on the elliptical machine that has been put right beside my home desk, an hour plus per week would be helpful. Third, get more serious about doing pushups when I come in early to work--measure myself and build from there. I have been trying to get to 25 for a long time, but not every day. I will look for other ways to exercise, but need these 3 as a base.

In general to get more out of life you have to manage your time. The exercise is intended to help relieve stress and to gain a feeling of accomplishment. Along the same line I wish to get more involved with meditation starting with mindful eating (I am a notorious fast eater who doesn't know when to stop).

I remember a time in my life when I tried to cram in as much effort as I could to do a better job. At one time an employer commented that I didn't seem to take much of a breath between phone calls. Lately I have gotten a bit jaded and let rejections discourage me from making enough efforts. Although sales seem more difficult the old rule that the more honest calls you make the better the results is still very true. I have been simplifying my measuring calculations and have decided that only two measurements really count; the number of efforts I can make and the number of decision makers I contact in a two way contact. Other details are important, but if I can reach my goal here they will likely fall in place. My goal is to average 50 efforts per day and 15 decision makers per day. I don't expect anyone to understand the details, but will confess I have not achieved these goals very often in the last three years, but believe they are attainable and will make a difference.

Preparing to make all those efforts and reach decision makers requires a lot of time sorting through many details. I have been getting bored and taking short cuts. Have to make a greater and smarter effort to make my contacts more effective.

While I am trying to re-arrange my life to be more productive and get more enjoyment I will from time to time infringe on other people's priorities. I will make a greater effort to respect their concerns and hope that we can work towards mutual benefit.

I am not ready for it, but retirement is both alluring and scary. I have some savings, but do not believe I could maintain reasonably close to my current living standard, especially with the frightening economy. I would like to build up a bigger cushion and for several years carry on some meaningful work which could be an extension of some things I have been doing. What would I do with extra time? Two things are attractive--one is to learn things (interesting, meaningful things) and to teach (one of the most satisfying things in my life was teaching my two children to read).

I have been tweeting, blogging and doing a newsletter and realize there are a lot of you out there that I can learn from and that in some small way might learn from me. During the holidays I became a little more conscious of facebook (one special person brought me up to 10 friends, a motivating tipping point) and intend to use it to boost both my business and social awareness. One of the key things I hope to get out this is to at least keep my own resolutions. From time to time I will let you know how I am progressing perhaps at the bottom of some of my blogs and/or on facebook. Some of you can ask me in person if I am sticking to the program and the rest of you are welcome to question however you can.

I have many interests and do not expect everyone to find every word I say worthy of much attention. I have found there is a reason for every interest and I am open to learning more about other people's interests so I can at least appreciate them better and perhaps expand my own interests.

The photo above is of the most important people in my life, my wife Sharon and my children Heather and Michael. The occasion was when Michael was home from Korea and shared some of his experience with us--ordered in Korean and chose our meals--a new experience for me and much appreciated.

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