Sunday, March 8, 2020

Politics in the age of Coronavirus

Trump dominates everyTHING.  More people are disillusioned by Trump on a daily basis, but there is a stubborn rump supported by misleading media that projects a possible Trump repeat in 2020.

A big part of Trump's triumphant self proclamations is the stock market and job reports.  Both can be misleading.  The stock market reflects wealthy people who became more wealthy as a result of disproportionate tax cuts.  It has limited impact on most workers.  The job reports reflect the ongoing projection from the Obama administration--Trump has not had to deal with a major crisis on the scale that confronted Obama.  The tax cuts are already increasing the deficit that will affect everyone.  Most likely they will result in service cuts that will hurt almost everyone.

Trump has offended large parts of America and increasingly many are waking up to his poor decisions that range around the globe.  Women are victims of this extreme anti-Trump attitude in part because the desire to rid the country of Trump is so intense that fear forces many voters to retreat to what they feel is the most risk free strategy.  In short female presidential candidates are considered too risky.   It could be argued (such as myself) that the women candidates were more competent than their male counterparts.  I am thinking of Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar.

Coronavirus changes some details.  First the response to the crisis is a test which so far Trump's team is not performing very well.  Secondly the stock market is behaving normally in response to fear.   Fear generates emotions stronger than greed.  It was said that American workers were fearful of job security, but now feel a pandemic is not only more threatening to life, but also compounding problems already established.

Trump himself has been very transparent in his concern for political consequences as being a higher priority than dealing with the medical threat.  He had already trimmed budgets that were critical to dealing with pandemics.  He has been told to let medical people make the big decisions and to let politicians be in the supportive background, but he has great trouble in keeping his mouth shut.

We were already anticipating dirty tricks, but now that attacks have begun with a new target. It now appears Joe Biden may be Trump's opponent and Republicans are bringing back bogus facts regarding Biden and his son Hunter Biden.  Unfortunately on the surface it can look bad, but based on what we know Trump's involvement is definitely misleading and unethical.   Joe Biden is castigated for bragging about firing a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor that most people thought deserved it.  His son's hiring by a Ukrainian company is painted as nepotism, which it may well have been, but no illegal actions have been uncovered.  One can be sure rather than presenting their case for re-election the Republicans will dish out negative information (much of it false) about Biden, whoever the Vice President candidate is.

Bernie Sanders, should he overcome Biden's apparent advantage would also be sure of unfair criticism.  Labeling himself a Democratic Socialist assures he will be compared to Venezuela.  He has said some positive things about Cuba that will also be highlighted.  He is more favorable to the Palestinian cause and that will be used against him (although I think he is the only sane candidate on this issue).

It is hopeful that more legal issues are becoming public that should help Trump supporters to turn against him.  The Mueller Report had been dismissed, but a judge is demanding a full version become accessible.  Many court cases are still in progress from the Mueller Report and people will realize that it was the opposite of a Witch Hunt and needs much more coverage.

To me Trump is a huge disaster that must be cut off from further damage, but realize there is a lot of real power supporting him.  Thank you for letting me vent.

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