Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Political Preferance for short term thinking

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This is written for the benefit of Georgian voters none of whom are expected to read it.  Also a protest to the over 70 million who thought Trump was the best choice. with none expected to read my arguments.  The Georgian voters will have a chance to empower Mitch McConnell whose obeisance is to his donors.  Yes, the Senate could offer a check on abuses that the Democrats might try to force on Americans, but they are offering to impede as much constructive legislation as they can.


The Covid pandemic requires urgent short term attention, but should not overlook the lack of long term thinking that exacerbated the crisis.  Obama had been aware of the future danger of pandemics and taken some steps to monitor it and a strategy for dealing with the inevitability.  Brushed aside by Trump, anxious to cut unnecessary expenses to make room for a foolish tax cut.  The pandemic has also pointed to the importance of a national health care strategy that was behind Obamacare.  When one person is inflicted with the virus it is likely to affect others, especially if they are reluctant to seek medical attention, because they fear the expense.  We now know the pandemic not only causes the disease to spread, it impedes medical facilities from being accessible for other medical concerns.  Obamacare should only be seen as a step to a better plan and that is also urgent.

Arguments between politicians and scientists about the causes of climate disasters are serving the big fossil fuel powers.  Fuel economy is a football with the Republicans preferring to not restrict manufacturers.  Not only does this add to climate change it also increases asthma and other diseases.  We see increasing forest fires in North America, Europe and Australia and find other factors involved, at least conservatives do.  Hurricanes and flooding are causing more damage.

Some worry about riots and think the only solution is to clamp down on those with violent inclinations.  Happy people do not riot.  People given opportunities to better themselves generally avail themselves.  People who feel justice prevails are more confident about their everyday affairs.  Understanding the contributions and plights of others leads to co-operation and compassion instead of fear and resentment.  Again long term benefits flow from long term thinking

Education should not be for profit as it is necessary for national security.  Literacy is critical, but is only the beginning.  Critical thinking is crucial.  It is not just the elite that need to be educated, but everyone.  With a changing world we all need to understand more things and not just technology and job skills.  Knowledge (of all sorts) is still power for individuals and society.

At the risk of having all my previous arguments dismissed I would also like to tackle the abortion issue.  No one confronted with the reality likes abortion.  Some people go along with the suggestion that the best course is to make it illegal or as difficult as possible.  They overlook some of the facts that opened up legal abortions--the deaths and consequent infertility of young women.  Better solutions are offered by Democrats--sex education, easy access to contraceptives, maternity and paternity policies, medicare for all. 

P.S. Run-off elections are a step in the right direction.  No politician should claim they have a mandate or even that they represent the will of the people unless at least half the people voted for them.  Some might go further and point out that some people didn't bother to vote and in fact credibility is at stake by the percentage of people who voted.  The initial vote gives everyone a chance to express their feelings and vote for the candidate that closest represents their values.  A second vote (if the first did not yield a candidate with 50%) gives everyone a second chance to evaluate their preference among only two choices.  

In the case of Georgia the circumstances have changed.  It now amounts not only to who represents Georgia, but also which party will have the power to legislate for the whole nation.  It is a sobering choice with long term implications. 

Informed  Comment posted something more specific to Georgia that Georgians really need to take a close look at:

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