Thursday, September 16, 2021

In Family We Trust

Checking Netflix "In Family We Trust" seemed like a good bet.  It had a rating of 8.1 and lots of favorable reviews.  It is actually underrated.  Twists I have never noticed before and very well done.  Misunderstandings, deceptions, patriarchal jealousies, spying and more.  Not exactly a happy ending, but satisfying. Illustrates how one deception/misunderstanding can compound.  But it also illustrates how families can stick together.

The film has an interesting development.  A special band Nine by Nine provided a core of the film taking on the roles of nine grandchildren in a family murder drama.   They were set up for a specific time (have since been disbanded) to do some music albums and at least this one movie.  In looking for a suitable format the producers patched together some ideas from Hong Kong films.  Some scenes are set in Hong Kong

It is supposed to be a Chinese family long established in Thailand.  That seemed new, but with English subtitles I came to assume they were speaking in Thai which sounds a little different than Chinese I have heard in other movies.  When the scene switched to Hong Kong, the Thai characters spoke in English when speaking with locals.

The first two episodes establish the family.  It consists of the grandparents who have established a major hotel and huge bank accounts.  Four families all live in high end houses along the same side road.   The Grandfather dies and leaves a will that treats his sons much better than the daughter.  The daughter Phatson had worked at the hotel for 22 years and was considered excellent.  Confronting the brother left in charge he slaps her.  Later she approaches him at his home, but is confronted with his bleeding dead body.  She flees and is spotted by her grandmother.  She becomes the first suspect, but shortly we learn of another suspect, but there are a lot of episodes to go.  His will also causes resentment.  Each episode provides another twist or wrinkle.  All four families are involved with mixed amounts of co-operation and distrust. 

I believe viewers will find it as engaging and smooth to watch as your typical Hollywood production.

Songyos Sugmakanan was a director and a member of the writing team.  A winner and nominee at several international film festivals.  Also involved as a producer of other films.

Anther member of the writing team, Supalerk Ningsanond took part writing "A Teacher's Diary" (2014) which was adapted to "Notebook" (2019) in Bollywood.

Another writing team member, Vadudhorn Piyaromna also took a role in "Bad Genius" (2017) and in addition made up the exam used in the film.   Later involved with the tv. series that was based on the film.

One of the cinematographer, Pithai Smithsuth had done some camera work for two Hollwyood movies, "The Hangover" (2011) and "Da 5 Bloods" (2020).

The Nine by Nine team all had experience in other films.  One, Teeradone Supapunpinyo had been in "Bad Genius" (2017).

I have watched a few Thai movies that ranged from fight to art and in between, but one that I really enjoyed, "Bad Genius" (2017)

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