Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Anxious People: The Series

 Last year the book was one of my favorites.   It was confusing at the beginning and even seemed trite, but beautifully tied together before the end.  The tv series "Anxious People" (2021)which I understand was at least partially written by the same author takes a similar tack with the advantage of using flashbacks.

The basic story follows a botched bank robbery attempt (the modern bank actually had no cash on hand).  We flip over to an apartment viewing where the bank robber points a gun at assembled  people.  Gradually we learn what a diverse group who all seem to have differing motives for appearing.  An unusual father and son team of police officers investigates after a contingent from Stockholm pulls out.

We learn the police officers have a drug addicted daughter/sister who suffered many relapses.  The father is more compassionate.  The son at age 13 had witnessed a suicide that also affected one of the other characters.  We learn that one of the characters has been kicked out of her house and threatened with losing custody of two children.  An underlying theme is that life can be pretty harsh and sometimes people can be nice. 

Let's look at some of the people who put it together.

Fredric Backman wrote the original novel and is credited with the script.  He and his wife Neda were executive producers.  I first learned of Fredric Backman when a local librarian, Chris recommended the book "Beartown," my favorite read for 2020 which I understand had also been a tv. series written and produced with Backman.  A few years before that I had seen "A Man Called Ove" (2017), also written and produced with Backman.

Felix Herngren directed.  He has been actor from 1990 until 2022.  He also has been a prolific writer and director.  In 2013 he wrote a directed the Oscar nominated "The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared."  He also wrote and directed a sequel in 2013.

Some of the actors:

 Marika Lagercrantz has appeared in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" ) 2009)

 Anna Granath has appeared in "A Man Called Ove" (2015).

Alfred Swensson has appeared in "The 100 Year-old Man Who Climbed Out the  Window and Disappeared (2013).  He also directed, wrote the script and starred in popular series, "Leif and Billy"  (2017-2021)

 The plot is well laid out as we gradually learn about the characters and their often unknown connections.  It may seem trivial at the start, but it makes a point.  We are all connected.

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