Sunday, January 16, 2022

Cemara's Family

In many ways "Cemara's Family" (2018) is not a whole lot different than typical family dramas found in the English speaking world, but it offers a little different perspective.  Netflix had seen it worth their while to seek out foreign films and they are now offering movies from Indonesia.  This is the third one this year for me with the first two included a religious theme, but this one is much more secular.  It follows a very popular tv series of the same name.

It has a familiar formula.  A family encounters a major problem, in this case an unfair bankruptcy and have to adjust.  They end up moving from a big city to a rural area and for awhile there is an uncomfortable feeling especially with the 13 year old daughter.

You know somehow they will get to appreciate the joys of country living, but there are a few obstacles.  The one with the biggest problem is the eldest daughter, Euis who is made fun of.  She already has more education than her classmates who seem to hold that against her.  In one memorable scene she is exposed having her first period which draws further derision.  My thoughts on the rural/urban divide:

A turning point for Euis is when she decided to defy her father and visit friends who have come to a nearby town for a dance competition.  Euis had belonged to what might be called a girl band dance group and really enjoyed it.  However. her friends with her replacement seemed too artificial to her and she went back home and apologized to her father.

The father finally gives in to what he felt his daughters wanted, but was surprised to learn they had changed their minds and didn't want to move.  He is mostly calm and reasonable, but pushes ahead despite crying and protests from the three women in his family.  You can easily imagine that there will be a happy ending, but there are a few twists and turns.  I am looking forward to the sequel which should be available this year.

Ginatri S. Noer is the a co-writer and producer.  She had written for "Habbie and Ainum" (2012).  Born in Madagascar.

Yandy Laurens directed and co-wrote the script.

Music was handled by Ifa Fachir which included two new songs by a new favorite singer Bunga Cintra Lestari who starred in and sang a memorable song with  "Habibie and Ainum".  Fachir also wrote the music for the sequel,  "Keluarga Cemara 2." (2022)

Robie Taswin did the cinematography and Hendra Adhi Susanri was the editor.

Ringgo Agus Rahman plays the mostly calm father who occasionally vents his frustration.

Nirina Zubir played the mother who gives birth to a third child.

Adhisty Zara played Euis, the elder daughter while Widuri Sasono played the younger daughter.  The title "Cemara's family" implies that the youngest daughter is the focal point as Cemera is the long form of the youngest daughter who everyone calls Ara.  I would argue her older sister has more dramatic range, but perhaps that is a clue that from the tv series that the sequel will shift its focus.  All four family roles are repeated with the same actors for the sequel that should be accessible soon.

Indonesia is a large country with a population over 270 million, so it should not be surprising that they have developed a noteworthy cinema.

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