Monday, January 9, 2017


Meryl Streep, a much appreciated actress used the occasion of the recent Golden Globe awards to make a speech to millions of people that denigrated a prominent politician without naming him.  The actions were so obvious that everyone knew who she was referring to and Donald Trump reacted by criticizing her.

Hollywood actors are among the most criticized for making inappropriate speeches, but they get away with it because they have a platform to speak to millions of people.  I would be the first to say that celebrity does not make one an authority, but no one can deny that we live in a celebrity worshipping society and few are exempt, certainly not myself.  A few ill chosen words can diminish the credibility of a celebrity.

Political power mongers, if I can call them that, are well aware of celebrity and will go to great lengths to recruit celebrities from all fields.  John Glenn, America's first astronaut served in the Senate.  Actors are liked because not only do they have an insane attraction from the masses, but they are often articulate.  Even more important many of them have learned how to get reactions.

Ronald Reagan, still highly regarded by some was not only articulate, but reassuring.  Some attribute a widening inequality gap to his administration.  Others feel he was clever in adapting racial strategies to getting elected in the first place.  He set back environmental concerns.  His trickle down theory didn't work.  In reality he was likeable, but only a B grade star who upped his awareness as a tv. host for General Electric Theatre

Donald Trump, is most famous for "You're fired."  That impressed a lot of people who found it entertaining.  Other people have examined his history and have dug up all sorts of negative things such as suing and threatening to sue to get his way, not paying people, pulling switches to come out of bankruptcies with money  and plain old out and out conning people.  But he does understand how to get a rise.  He talks blunt, but with no depth of explanation.  It is a mystery how so many people were impressed with his egotistical display full of bluster and condescension, but in actual fact his feat is blemished.  He did not win the majority of votes, there evidently was someone hacking the opposition to diminish Hilary's standing and in a battle of bad (distorted) news he won.  His ego is really showing and one wonders why anyone thinks someone with his sensitivities would have the temperament for the job of president.

Meryl Streep is just an actress, but a very good one.  She has accepted a variety of roles that demonstrate versatility and humility.  Like anyone else she is entitled to an opinion.  She is observant and articulate and fortunately her voice will rise above the usual clutter.  Mr Trump would have been better off to ignore it instead of trying to belittle her.  She won this one.

Trump has used other people's celebrity to build on his own.  Bobby Knight was one of my sports heroes, but his support took him down a peg in my mind.  In fact there haven't been any of Trump's supporters who went up in respect by most people.

We all would like to have a platform that people respect.  I think Meryl Streep has not only earned her platform, but she handled it very well.  It is too bad that her platform did not have enough impact before the election.

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