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Anushka Sharma, actress on the rise

Anushka Sharma has gotten my attention as a bubbly attractive female, but lately has expanded and really drawn my admiration.  Born in 1988 in Bangalore to an army officer father.  Anushka was more interested in modelling than acting, but of course a few models do end up acting, usually picked for their looks and personality.

Her first film was "Rab de Bana Di Jodi" in 2008 directed and written by Aditya Chopra,  starring Shah Rukh Khan.  The movie set up a contrast between a drab husband and a younger active girl--of course we know Shah Rukh is no drab guy and creates an alter ego to win the love of his wife by luring her into being a dance partner for a contest although she does not recognize him.  Basically she played an attractive bubbly great dancer who felt a conflict between her dance partner and her husband which of course was happily resolved.  A bit about her first leading man:

"Badmaa$h Company" followed in 2010 where she was paired off with Shahid Kapoor and both were con artists with shady business practices.  A little expansion in acting requirements displaying the confidence that defines a con artist and a little conflict with her lover.

"Wedding Planners"came next  in the same year with a bigger role.  As the star Anushka given a wider range of emotions to display.  Ranveer Singh debuted opposite her and this was a very popular pairing with what critics like to call chemistry.  Both of them made a breakthrough with this popular movie and for awhile were a couple in real life.

In fact in 2011 with one movie in between "Ladies vs Ricky Bahl" paired the two again.  The first part sets up Ranveer as a con man taking advantage of vulnerable women.  Parineeti Chopra makes her debut and has gone onto bigger roles (and is one my favorites).  Anushka makes her first appearance an hour into the movie and shows she can take advantage of the lady killer.  It won't surprise you that she humbles him, but it should impress you how she does it.

"Patiala House" released a little earlier in 2011 paired Anushka with Akshay Kumar, set in London England.  Anushka played a mixed race woman getting involved in a family feud.  Apparently one of Akshay's better movies.

In "Jab Tak Hai Jaan," released in 2012 she played in movie where Shah Rukh Khan made his first on lip kiss, but not with her.  She played a meddling bubbly reporter.  Not many actresses enjoy playing the second lead, but this was the first time for her and gave her a chance to be a part of Yash Chopra's last movie as a director.

I didn't see her next film with Imran Khan, "Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola" and she apparently played another exuberant role.  Pankaj Kapur played her father.

"PK" written and directed by Rajkumar Hirani, in 2014  followed and it is as close to a masterpiece as she has been in. Aamir Khan chose this vehicle for a religious satire and again she was a bubbly reporter, but her comic timing was in full display.  She also shows a short hair cut for the first time that takes a little getting used to.  I enjoyed this movie so much I devoted a post to it.

"NH10" released in 2015 (standing for National Highway 10) is what inspired this blog.  This movie turned into an action thriller and she carried the movie.  She was a producer for the first time and perhaps that gave her the opportunity to really demonstrate her range.  She was a more mature married professional woman with a level of sophistication and displayed some romanticism.  Then the movie turned violent, with her first as a victim and then the revenger.  This was a woman centric role, very slickly done. She intends to get involved in producing with a few projects being discussed.

Her next movie is fairly recent and I have not had a chance to see it.  "Bombay Velvet" directed and written by Anurag Kashyap and starring Ranbir Kappor was touted as a block buster, but fizzled at the box office.  It was said that Anurag tried a different narrative style that did not strike a chord with his fan base.

She is working on "Dil Dhadakne Do" directed and written by Zoya Akhtar with a multi star cast and apparently is paired with Ranveer Singh once again, but they are no longer a couple.  She is dating Vir Kohli an Indian cricket star.  It looks like she is the second leading lady with Priyanka Chopra the first female attraction.  This has the markings of a big hit.

Recently announced for a 2016 release "Ae Dil Hai Mushkil" with Karan Johar directing and Aishawarya Rai Bachchan continuing her come back.  Anushka will be playing the second lead again.  If an actress can hold her ego in check, playing second fiddle can lead to meaningful movies and roles.

If you are into Bollywood movies you already like her and if you haven't checked out Bollywood, she is a good place to start.

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