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My Favorite Movie Actors

The more movies one watches the more one forms preferences.  Who impresses me the most.  Who do I enjoy the most?   As a male who would I most like to emulate?

Many actors tried to project masculinity while others their sensitivity. Combining both traits usually result in celebrity status.

My parents got a tv when I was in about grade 3.  A few years later in the 1950's and 60's I got to enjoy the late show with them.  Television used a lot of movies to fill in time slots.  Below are listed some of the actors I have enjoyed over the years.


Glenn Ford projected masculinity in a quiet way.  Did comedies and thrillers well.

James Cagney played the short tough guy who usually ranted during the movie--sometimes in a comic way and sometimes belligerently.   "The Roaring Twenties," and "The Strawberry Blonde" were among my favourites.  See more at:

Ray Milland got my first notice with "Beau Geste."  Over a few years enjoyed  "The Big Clock," "It Happens Every Spring", and "The Major and the Minor"  You can read more at:

Humphrey Bogart, is famous for "Casablanca," "Roaring Twenties," and "Maltese Falcon," "The Caine Mutiny," "The African Queen," and "Dark Passage."  Loved them all.

Cary Grant struck me as sophisticated in comedies, but was a bit more versatile.  I enjoyed "Notorius", "North by Northwest," "Arsenic and Old Lace" "Topper" "Suspicion"  "People will Talk" and "The Philadelphia Story,"

Fred Astaire established his reputation as a dancer and found himself singing.  Loved watching musicals and he was one of the best dancers.  A late comer who was close to 40 when he got rolling with movies such as "Top Hat," " Easter Parade," and Blue Skies."  

Tom Hanks is an actor. who seems very selective in his choice of movies.   First saw in "BIG."  Later enjoyed him in such as "The Green Mile," "Saving Private Ryan," "Sleepless in Seattle, "Philadelphia," "Saving Mr Banks, " and recently "Bridge of Spies."  Read more of "Bridge of Spies"

Morgan Freeman was noticed in "The Shawshank Redemption, " which is considered one of the finest movies ever.  Later saw in "Driving Miss Daisy,"  "Se7evn," "Invictus" (playing Nelson Mandela).

Denzel Washington played in a number of outstanding movies such as  "Inside Man," "The Taking of Pelham 1 2  3, " and "The Great Debaters."

Chiwetel Ejiofar was first noticed in "Dirty Pretty Things" and around the same time "Kinky Boots" for an interesting contrast.  Later watched him in "12 Years a Slave" and "End Game."

Hugh Grant a modern Cary Grant type popular on both sides of the Atlantic often using self-deprecating humour

In my memory Trevor Eve in  "Heat of the Sun" struck me as the ideal masculine model.

Russell Crowe first seen in "Gladiator"  The Beautiful Mind"

Robson Greene has appeared mostly in television series.  Comic in "Reckless" and deadly serious in "Touching Evil"


Daniel Auteuil left a negative first impression in first movie, but later appreciated his versatility.

Mathieu Alaric made a strong impression in "The Bell and the Diver."  Played in "Jimmy P," an American film.

Omar Sy was very noticeable in "The Intouchables."  He played small roles in a few other movies I saw.   Paired up with Charlotte Gainsbourg in "Samba" in another enjoyable movie.

Francois Cluzet was first seen in "Tell No One".  He shared billing with Omar in "The Intouchables"  Also watched him in "Little White Lies."

Romain Duris got my attention with "Heartbreaker."  He appeared in a movie series of students who kept in touch over a number of years;   "L'auberge Espagnole," "Russian Dolls," and "Chinese Puzzle" and I hope they continue the series.  For a change of pace he was riveting in "The Big Picture."

Jean-Louis Trignant has a long history with an early film seen "My Night with Maude."    More recently gained international attention in "Amour"


Javier Bardem has crossed the ocean a few times.  Enjoyed in "Love in the Age of Cholera," and "Eat Pray Love,"  but his best movie was "The Sea Inside."  For more:

Mads Mikklesen got my attention with "After The Wedding" one of my very favourite movies.  As with Javier  Bardem,  Mads also was a James Bond villain. Read more at

Another Susanne Bier favoured actor,  Ulrich Thomsen was first noticed in "Brothers."  Also impressive in "In a Better World" and "Adam's Apples."  He has been in English speaking movies and I saw him in a Hungarian film, "The Notebook."


Ricardo Darin is a strong indicator of a quality movie.  Read more:


Michael Nyqvist was first noticed in the Dragon Tatoo trilogy, but later saw in "Mother of Mine" and "As it is in Heaven."


Lior Ashkenazi struck the right balance between comedy and dead seriousness in "Walk on Water"  Will be seen in an upcoming American production with Richard Gere.

#1 Shah Rukh Khan--has left a strong impression in" Swades," "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai," "Kal Ho Na Ho", but lately seems pretty commercial.  All in all he is the one I most look forward to watching.  Part 2:

Aamir Khan is versatile, intellectual and one of my top two indicators of a quality movie.  "Lagaan" was my first Bollywood movie, and to be honest I enjoyed the movie, but was not impressed by Aamir.  I changed my opinion gradually with such movies as  "Dil Chatha Hai, " "The Rising:  the Ballad of Mangel Pandey," "Gajini,"  "3 Idiots," "PK"   "Dhoom 3" and "Earth" with Canadian director Deepa Mehta.   You can read more about him in PK at

Ayushman Khurana made a big impression with "Vicky Donor" but followed with a bunch of ordinary films, but then starred in the very memorable "Dum Laga Ke Haisha."  You can read more here:

Ranveer Singh is an up and comer "Band Baaja Baaraat," "Ladies vs Ricky Bahl," and " Dil Dhadakane Do."

Amittabh Bachchan has long history most of which I missed.  Early he was an action hero, and the angry man.  He now plays patriarchs and older meddling men.   Recently saw him in"Te3n"  Scripts tailored for him, one example was "Shabitabh" where the plot focused on matching his voice to another's acting.

I am sure you have your favorites.  I know I have overlooked some, so please feel free to tell me who you think belongs on your list.  For a list of my favorite actresses:

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