Thursday, February 11, 2021


Impeachment is supposed to rectify abuses of power.  The process is unavoidably political and subject to abuse.

 Donald Trump commands cult like adulation.  This adulation built on fraud is very real.  Republicans in Congress are afraid of jeopardizing their careers.  That fear is further proof that Trump did indeed expect violence to bolster his cause.

It appears unlikely that Trump will be convicted by Congress and the whole process may end up being counter productive.  The Democrats have an agenda that polls indicate are favored by most Americans, but the impeachment could be a destructive distraction.

To me the point is to reach the American public.  The evidence is not disputable and non conviction would set a precedent.  Some of the public is being swayed.  When they make their judgment they can express it in a private voting booth.  Others can make their view known to their Congress representative and may in some cases support a wavering politician.  A few constituents might bolster the courage of a Senator and perhaps they will perceive a safety in numbers.

One of the most galling factors is that Trump and his followers were angry that Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States refused to defy the Constitution.  By presiding over the official Electoral College many cried out for his hanging.  Only brave staff saved Congressional members.  Many of those same members are afraid to convict Trump or even to criticize him.  A few brave Republicans seem destined to have early primaries and lose much support.   

A bigger root cause is how big money has taken over political decisions.  It has long been known that the average voter was not concerned about the Republican economic agenda.  We also know that most voters do not really examine the issues in depth.  Big money is able to present disinformation and tap into prejudices and fears that have a strong motivation.  

Naturally everyone would like to have more money in their pocket and so tax reductions sound great.  A progressive tax system can be portrayed as unfair, but it is not in principle.  The government needs money to fulfill its purposes and most favor much of the program as it has positive effects for them.  They might object to others as benefiting such as immigrants, minorities, but that is usually short sighted.  We need immigrants and minorities contribute to the general welfare.  Surely gun rights are not meant to allow massacres.  Unwanted babies can be avoided and fearful mothers can live.  Gays have led distorted lives, but we know that they also contribute to our welfare.

The powers behind the scene need a program that appeals to a wide audience which generally highlights various social issues that for many are the one issue they understand and will vote on.  Such issues as abortion, gay rights, gun rights, immigration as attract many who don't understand the economic consequences and I would add do not really appreciate the depth of the issues.  The Republican stance on these issues hurt more than any benefit.

There are some factors  that should change the attitudes, but it will take probably decades.   Demographically the minorities are taking over.  Younger people will be more comfortable with "others" and probably better educated.   The older ones who want to maintain the status quo are dying off.  

I don't know what will happen, but I wanted to be on the record.

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