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We all take a lot for granted.  Up until my retirement I was free to roam and I did my fair share.  Now I am stuck.  Most of you are in the same boat.   I have lived over half my life in Hamilton and at various times had traveled over almost all of it for various jobs, taking kids to events, shopping, visiting friends, relatives and going out.  A city changes and one forgets.  Originally one motive for writing blogs was to remember.  There is a comfort to appreciating the good times and the beauty in life.

Some interesting murals.

Spotted this on Barton St at the office of the John Howard Society.  It is by local artist, Conrad Furey who I only got to appreciate after his death.

this one of the left is actually on the second story

There are people on both sides of the border who want to get back to normal.  Donald Trump has it in his twisted mind that his best chance to get re-elected is to get the economy running again.  He takes credit for how well it was before, while in fact he was already screwing it.  He has confessed that more testing reveals how bad things are and doesn't quite appreciate how useful a tool it is.  Reports are starting about countries that have relaxed some of the guidelines and are experiencing a re-surgence.

Signs of Support for Front Line Workers



 some helpful person gave the Leonardo
Sciascia statue as mask.

The stock market reacted strongly when Moderna was given credit for a promising Covid-19 vaccine, but the rise was reversed quickly when it was learned some inside executives had quickly sold their shares.  The assumption was they knew something negative.  Although that might be true, it might also be true they wanted or even needed a quick profit for their own reasons.  The stock market is subject to manipulation by those who know something the rest of us don't.  Personally it seems like the stock market is way over priced right now partly because many people are assuming  we will be back to normal soon.  Other people want to keep it up for political reasons.  Medical predictions indicate we are likely to have a second wave which could be worse than what we have experienced to date.  Many humans are already tired on restrictions and are reading too much into slight improvements. 

The many churches offer an interesting diversity of architecture and ethnicity.

This is the church I was married in.  St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox.

Mosque on York Blvd.

Everybody has to eat and Hamilton offers a wide variety of restaurants to choose from

Hamilton City Hall has some interesting statues.

 Gandhi who has long fascinated me:  http://www.therealjohndavidson.com/2012/08/gandhi-life-long-fascination.html

                 Ukrainian settlers to Canada.
                                                                        Worker Safety

Right across from City Hall and at the back end of the Art Gallery of Hamilton is the Irving Zucker Square where a visitor can look at some sculptures.

My daughter Heather helped connect me to Seniors without Walls.  You phone in and participate in some activities with other seniors.  I have joined two offshoots that  are more conversational and stimulating.  They have partnered with the Hamilton Library and that has led me to read a few books that were recommended.  Reading is something that I have let slide to in spurts, but during the shutdown I am habitually reading more and enjoying it.

As a tribute to all the front line workers the Snowbirds were sent out to demonstrate over many Canadian cities.  My wife, Sharon actually took this shot from our house.  This was just a few days before a fatal crash.

These trees were donated to the city of Hamilton many years ago by the city of Sakura, Japan.  The blossoms get more spectacular each year.

                              a beautiful butterfly discovered in park

 Lilac season only seems to last a few days, but I always look forward to it.

If you are interested below are links to my other blogs regarding the shut down with the earliest on top.  Lots more photos and notes,








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