Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Hamilton had to wait an extra week to be accepted to stage 2 which meant more retail businesses could open with restrictions.  As a retired senior it still meant to be careful, but walking.

Hamilton is full of things not yet discovered by me.  For instance, the photo at the top is of a swallowtail caterpiller, something new to me.  We had learned that swallowtail butterflies (pictured in my last Covid blog post) liked dill plants.  That is where the caterpillar checked us out.

1st telephone exchange in British Empire  in March 1878 by Hugh Cossart Baker.  Main and James St.

Treble Hall built 1879.  On a tour during Open Doors Hamlton learned ceiling had been done by Fittings Ltd which was located kitty corner from my boyhood home in Oshawa.

I was fortunate to take part in an online presentation of the Hamilton Public Library by Mark Leslie who wrote "Haunted Hamilton"  It was not only entertaining, but historically interesting.

Custom House now a museum for workers.



Winking Judge

The Tivoli Theatre was one of the theatres owned by Ambrose Small who disappeared.  My wife's great grandmother was fond of watching movies at this theatre, particularly of Hopalong Cassidy.  Unfortunately she suffered a fatal heart attack while in line.

Utility boxes--city art project for the downtown core.

Commemorating Tom Longboat winning the Around the Bay Road Race and in the same year winning and setting a record for the Boston Marathon. 

Two more murals by Lester Coloma.  On the left is one done for Cake and Loaf (one of my favorite bakeries) and on the right can be found at Ferguson Station.

The Coppley Company has been in Hamilton since      . , noted for high end fashion men's wear.   On the left is the older building and on the
right is the new one.

If you are interested you can find more photos and  comments of my Covid-19 shutdown posts.









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