Thursday, July 30, 2020


We still have a long way to go before mass vaccinations let us forget there once was a serious problem that disrupted our lives (or set us in different directions).  I sense in myself and others that we are dealing with lockdown fatigue.  As the governments allow greater freedom some are already pushing the limits.  Walking downtown you cannot avoid people and when we get back home we realize we have a tendency not to worry about future incidental contact.  Criminal careers often get started when someone accidentally gets away with some rule breaking and the next time encourages further rule breaking.  Some personal history:

We celebrated Sharon's birthday for our first patio outing after Stage 2 was enacted.  Castelli Cucina was excellent and within easy walking distance.  When we ordered dessert they put together the canollis we ordered and added in a message with Nutella.

Some of you may have noticed I have posted a number of Lester Coloma's murals.  On the home stretch of a walk I came across his latest--actually in progress.   The subject is Nicola Tesla.  At Wellington and Ferrie.
                                                      Almost at the same time he is starting another one over at Chatham and Frid.. 

Lester Colomo on the job.


This mural was done by Pete Fowler who was a performer at the 2016 Supercrawl visiting from Britain.

The mural at the top of this post was done by Scott McDonald, owner of Che restaurant.  Here are some other examples of his work.

Angelo Mosca, a Hamilton Ti-Cat icon, here about 3 stories high.

St Patrick's Church commissioned sculpter, Timothy Schmaltz for these two statues.  The one on the left is titled "Homeless Jesus" to symbolize the church's efforts to help the homeless.. The one on the right is of St Patrick.

 Some sights at nearby Bayfront Park

Most of us are adjusting to a new life style which we hope will be temporary. We watch events in the United States with horror.  It is amazing how such a con man could have been elected and allowed to bungle.  We are also aware of support for Trump which we find infuriating and frustrating.  November 3 and especially January 20, 2021 seem so far away   

Some more utility boxes that provide a pleasant distraction and I assume paid off some artists.

                                                                       Older style utility boxes.

Rose of Sharon--our original stock came from Sharon's father who planted his first to commemorate his daughter.  We enjoy its blooms late in July.

A Water Hyacinthe.  Needed to take photo before the raccoons drop by.

Right in the middle of the shutdown one retired man decided to open an ice cream shop.  He gets the ice cream from Hewitt's Dairy, one of our favorite places to drop by passing through Hagersville.

If you are interested you can find more photos and  comments of my Covid-19 shutdown posts.

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